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IA Summit 2010 Presentations

Jess McMullin

IA Summit 2010

I had the pleasure of attending the 11th annual Information Architecture Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been attending the Summit since 2003, and find that it’s an amazing group of people and a place where leading edge ideas emerge.

I also had the opportunity to share two workshops and a talk session:

  • Thinking Like a CEO – a workshop with Harry Max about how designers can learn to think like business stakeholders in order to increase influence in organizations
  • Leaving Flatland – a workshop with Samantha Starmer about designing across channels
  • Designing Influence in Organizations
  • - a talk on using design skills and design process to develop influence inside an organization.

Thinking Like a CEO

Building design influence through business empathy

I did this session with Harry Max, a wise friend and someone who has shaped a lot of my own thinking about business and design. It was immeasurably better for his participation.

Leaving Flatland

Designing Services and Systems Across Channels

This workshop was joint effort with the talented Samantha Starmer of REI – she brought deep insights and experience to designing across channels.

Designing Influence In Organizations

This talk I gave during the second day of the program.

Thanks to all who came out for my sessions – please drop me a line if you have questions or want to follow up.

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