The Centre for Citizen Experience works to help the public sector solve better problems through research, strategy, policy, and service design.

Welcome to the Centre for Citizen Experience

Jess McMullin

It’s been five months in the making, but it’s finally time to start raising the public profile of the Centre for Citizen Experience. As the founder, I’m thrilled to finally be sharing more about the vision and mission for the Centre, start conversations about how we can help organizations, and most of all to invite participation in designing the Centre itself.

As a startup “do tank”, the Centre for Citizen Experience will succeed based on the contributions of interested people: staff, clients, and the broader community. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more about the vision for the Centre and inviting comments and perspectives on how best to realize that vision.

Many thanks to all who’ve offered feedback so far. I hope to continue our conversations and enjoy new ones!

One Response to “Welcome to the Centre for Citizen Experience”

  1. Felipe Jaén says:

    hi, i´m a mid-senior manager (39, engineer) working at Ministerio de la Vivienda, for the Chilean Government.
    I´m very interested on “doing best policies”, ongoing for solving problems with cutting time and money spending for users.
    Congratulations for the site!

    Felipe (form Santiago, Chile)

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