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Keynote at Customer Experience for Public Sector Summit, April 16-17, Toronto

Jess McMullin

I’m delighted to be giving the opening address of the upcoming Customer Experience for the Public Sector Summit. The CX Public Sector Summit brings two days of outstanding practical sessions for public sector executives, managers, and teams who are improving service delivery and customer experience in government, healthcare, and education. Leaders in the field of public sector customer experience will share their work and insights that can immediately be applied to improving programs and services. For Citizen Experience friends, you can register with a $200.00 discount off the regular price with VIP code CTZN200.

My keynote will outline the state of the citizen experience today and where it is heading in the coming years. Here’s the official description:

Customer experience has gained much recognition and focus in the private sector, and it is gradually raising the bar of service and experience expected for government services as well. Benchmark against the current state of citizen experience and anticipate future developments in this area. Hear the latest updates on:

  • The current top three challenges in citizen/ customer experience programs
  • New opportunities for the public sector, and what main lessons can be learned from the private sector
  • Where citizen experience will be in the next three to five years

Gain a comprehensive overview of the current state of citizen experience to guide your strategy and planning.

You can find all the session details and conference registration at cxpublicsector.com – hope to see you in April!

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